Mary S. Pampusch

Mary S. Pampusch, Ph.D.


Dr. Pampusch, MarPam Pharma’s Senior Scientist and laboratory manager, is developing an immunotherapy for human immunodeficiency (HIV) by engineering CAR T cells that eradicate HIV reservoirs in B cell follicles. She has functionally tested this type of immunotherapy in vitro and in simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV)-infected macaques, showing promising results. Dr. Pampusch has extensive expertise in developing vectors, optimizing transduction and expansion conditions for lymphocytes, and characterizing transduced cell populations. Furthermore, her technical repertoire includes cell culture and cellular assays, antibody production and immunoassays, protein purification and flow cytometry as well as a wide range of molecular biology techniques including cloning, silencing, transfection, transduction, and PCR. As a key researcher in developing this innovative CAR T cell HIV immunotherapy at MarPam Pharma, Dr. Pampusch is uniquely situated to translate specialized CAR T therapy to treat a range of human diseases.